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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Boots

Rare is the occasion when Snow Boots are needed in Georgia. Surprisingly, today was one of those days. I don't own Snow Boots, and my own personal feet stopped growing many years ago. We certainly wouldn't buy Snow Boots for the children, who grow out of their shoes every few weeks, it seems. So today found us with 6.5 inches of very wet snow on the ground, and Leyland excited to go outside and experience it for the first time. Wanting to ensure that her little piggies stayed dry, I suggested improvising by wrapping her feet in plastic Wal-Mart bags and putting a rubber band around her leg. Whitney just laughed and said she could see a blog entry come out of this. Of course! I take my material wherever I can get it!! So while I was getting the camera together, Whitney fixed a little waterproof Snow Boot for our little Princess. Worked like a charm, too, I might add!!!

She was so cute out in the snow. She would try to catch the flakes with her tongue and with her hands. (Bare little hands, I might add... the gremlins are at it again, and have absconded with her "kittens"-- Leylandspeak for mittens) I've posted some pictures below. I tried to post some videos, but for some reason, they won't upload. I'll try again later. Click any photo to enlarge.

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  1. Looks like the kids had fun playing in the snow! My DGD got to play in it too!