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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm A Star!!

As my List of Favorite Blogs (on the left sidebar) shows, there are several blogs that I enjoy visiting when time permits. One of my favorites is called PaperPassionPixels, authored by Noel, an amazing Scrapbook Superstar. Take a look at her blog and see for yourself! She's an accomplished photographer, an awesome mom to two beautiful little girls, and quite the scrapbook/craft artist. I "met" her on the CKMB, a few years ago, and have enjoyed her handiwork, as well as reading about her life in Washington state, and being married to a military guy who has been deployed several times since I have "known" her. I guess we all have people we look up to and admire, and in the crafting world, Noel is my Scrapbook Superstar. I say all that so that you will understand why I'm so excited today. Last week, Noel posted that to celebrate her blog having over 100,000 hits, she was going to sponsor a contest. She had recently made a layout featuring her tendency to collect things, and end up with little "piles" of stuff everywhere. To enter her contest, you had to post and tell her what kind of things you collected, and she would choose a winner based on which one she liked best. There were many different items listed, as there were around 130 entries. You name it, somebody collects it! Well, I'm sure you've guessed by now, that I'm delighted she chose my entry! And what, you might ask, is it that I collect? Well, here's my entry, and Noel's response: (See the real story here.)

In the words of dr. seuss... the winning-est winner of all
the winner of the 100K hits drawing is....

CathyB said... I collect dust. It is a passive activity that requires absolutely no effort on my part. The dust is non-discriminating, and is content to settle on all my "piles"... SB magazines waiting to be read, my SB workbench longing to be used, CDs that need playing, books that need reading... Great blog, Noel!

Noel said: congratulations cathyb! email me your addy and i'll get your package of goodies. loved the whole collecting dust! our fam got a great laugh off of that one. CONGRATULATIONS! thanks again for everyone who checks in from time to time. you guys are the best!

Who knew that my aversion to dusting would someday win a prize? What do you think about that, Mom, and Uncle Ricky??? And that, my dear blogger friends, is what makes me a star today!!


  1. thanks so much cathy! you're too sweet. i hope you enjoy your box of goodies!!!

  2. I knew your aversion to dusting would make you a super star one day! To heck with cleaning!!!!

  3. I love it!! You have an amazing way with words - never have I seen dust as funny!! LOL