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Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank You Glen Burns!

I must admit that I was holding my breath late yesterday afternoon, when a little rogue thunderstorm started multiplying and it appeared that bad weather would head our way. I'm such a dork, I even sent an e-mail to WSBTV (and copied my "Vent" blog post below) and implored them with great sincerity and pitiful-ness to please take heed to my plea and not pre-empt GA and PP last night! Looks like yours truly wields far more power than I realized (haha.. just joking), but I do want to say Thank You to Glen for talking to us during the commercials, and running the banner along the bottom of the screen. Now see... that wasn't so painful, was it... and your viewers got the information just fine. GA and PP fans all over north Georgia are saying "thanks, ya'll!"

I'm having an eventful day today. My carpet, which was so nasty that I literally got ill each time I vacuum it, is now sparkling clean! YAYYY!!! That dirty carpet has been the source of much grief for me. I was so excited when I moved here, to be able to paint and put down new carpet-- to make the house "mine". It wasn't difficult to keep the carpet clean with just me and the kitties, but once the rest of my family moved in, it has become a challenge indeed. So.. today I am happy! I have the house to myself (no offense, Whit et al) and a long list of things to do. Unfortunately, some of my chores will have to wait, as while having some strange dream, (maybe I was trying to escape from the Evil Dust Bunnies or something) I moved in such a way that now my back is "out". Not as bad as it has been in the past, but bad enough that it is painful and I am moving slowly and very carefully. Today I'm missing one of the perks I had while working for Dr. M: Access to a steroid injection that usualy cleared me up right away. So much for cleaning off the back porch, and trying to get rid of some of the debris that gets tracked into my house. I don't think I'll be undertaking that project today. The ultimate plan is to build a deck out back, but that's probably a few years down the road yet. In the meantime, I hope to at least get some stepping stones or pour some concrete between the driveway and back patio, to eliminate having to walk through the grass/dirt to come in the back door. When it's time for that project, I'll just call 1-800-ALEX. The neighbors have been keeping him busy this spring!

Mary is coming this weekend, which is always fun. She hasn't seen her Easter loot yet, so she'll be pretty wound up about that. Maybe she'll get to go to church, if she doesn't have to be back home too early.

And speaking of loot... I haven't posted about this, but... last Friday while we were at the church scrappin' Whitney called and said my package from Noel had arrived! She couldn't stand to wait, so she brought it to me and we all had fun opening the box. Can I just say... Mother Lode!! I will post a pic later of the stash... but there were so many suprises inside it was like Christmas. And the neatest card with a note! What fun! Check out her blog for some really beautiful photos and inspiring ideas. Thanks again, Noel! You Rock!

I'm not planning to hold my breath, (because I don't think my back could take it if I fainted onto the floor), but suPPOSEDly my chair will be delivered this afternoon. Ahhh that will feel nice to my back. The only problem is, it's so big that I have problems pushing the foot-rest thingy down with my feet, so until my back clears up, it might be a challenge for sure getting out of it. Pushing down so hard on the foot rest feels just like doing crunches. Oh how great that would be-- burning calories and tightening my abdominal muscles (I'm sure there are some muscles in there... somewhere), getting a workout while sitting in my new chair. [Edited to add..... I'm trembling with excitement.... the delivery man just called... they will be here in a couple of hours!! Yipeeeee!!!]

Mom and dad are due back tomorrow from their nautical adventure. I haven't heard from them all week, so I'm taking that as good news. I hope they've had a wonderful, relaxing trip. I enjoyed a nice phone visit with Michael last night. We just don't get the opportunity to visit much, so that was a real treat.

I'm thinking that I might just hafta take myself a little nap. It's so quiet! The babies were gone for half an hour before I realized that it would be okay to turn Elmo off the tv. Happy Friday!

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