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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My New Favorite Thing

Okay, so I forgot to get out of bed on the other side, but I'm hoping my side won't be the "wrong side" today. I'm still feeling a little out of sorts, but in retrospect, I realized that I had failed to take my medications over the weekend... so I'm sure that plays a big role in my grump-bunnyitis yesterday. Now if I can just make it through today without any weather-related problems, perhaps I can end this day on a good note. However, as I write this, the lightning is flashing and thunder is rumbling, so I expect I'll be powering down the old computer momentarily.
On to my New Favorite Thing. Whitney picked up some of these little Colgate Wisp mini-toothbrushes. Yours Truly has often been accused of obssessive behavior when it comes to certain hygiene practices, and brushing my teeth ranks high on the list. These little things are just perfect. I'm going to load my purse with them so that I'm never without the ability to brush my teeth. The tiny little brush even has a "pick" thingy on the other end, and a little bead of breath freshener in the middle that disolves and serves as toothpaste. What a clever invention! Not only that, it's the perfect size for little kiddie teeth. And an extra bonus is- once you're finished with it, it makes for a perfect little eyebrow brush. Now how cool is that! Hey- these would be great to add to care packages for soldiers! No go on out and get yourself some of these little cuties and enjoy clean teeth and fresh breath any time!

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