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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, actually it's Thursday, but that means Friday for me (I'm off on Fridays and Saturdays) We're getting geared up for a crop tomorrow at the church, and I'm really excited about the project I'm working on. Not to mention that I have a new recipe for the most delicious dip that I'm going to try out on the girls. I'm doing some prn work at the pulmonary clinic for a few weeks, and on Good Friday when I was there they brought in lunch. Suzanne, one of the nurses, had made a most delicious dip, and she graciously shared her secret recipe with me. Only four ingredients, so surely this cuisinely-challenged girl can pull it off.

I took the day off yesterday, having pushed myself as far as I could go with all the nasty stuff in my sinuses, and feeling a bit queasy about the stomach. My poor mom has been terribly sick this week, and is trying to recuperate for her upcoming trip next week. They're scheduled to leave tomorrow, and she was still "feelin' a might bit po'ley" last night. (Think Prissy from Gone With The Wind) I'm back at my desk today, feeling nearly back to normal, but I was feelin' quite po'ley my ownself yesterday and the day before.

Lots of projects to work on this weekend, and Saturday is shaping up to be an impossibly crazy busy day. Which usually means that nothing gets done. It's cleanup time in our little town, where they bring in huge dumpsters and residents are allowed to bring all manner of junk for disposal. I'm thinking I might ask if I can have my own personal dumpster at The 409.

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