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Saturday, April 25, 2009

WSBTV... Actually Responded!

Imagine my surprise when I found in my in-box a response to my dorky letter to WSBTV. When I saw they had replied, I fully expected to find a canned response, but someone actually took the time to respond to my "vent". Unfortunately, I don't believe my point of view is going to change the way they report severe weather. However, I am impressed that they acknowledged my thoughts. And while I will continue to complain when they pre-empt my favorite shows (I only have three or four shows that I watch on a regular basis, so it's not like I'm glued to the tv all the time), I'll probably tone it down half-a-notch or so, simply by virtue of their acknowledgement. That will make it a little easier to tolerate. Kind of like when I have to transcribe a doctor who is a really nasty dictator... but if he's a nice guy, it makes it a little easier to work through the garbled dictation.

I'm delighted to report that my back, while still a little tempermental, is much better, and I was able to work on the back porch project yesterday after all. It was early evening before I felt up to tackling it, but that just meant that I had extra help. Mary and Leyland were on hand to help me rake and sweep away the leaves that have been fermenting on the patio since autumn. Most of the time I was reminding them to push the leaves that way, not where I just swept, but we got the job done.

This took place immediately after my trek to Wal Mart, where I hobbled around the store for half an hour or so leaning on the shopping cart for support. Finally I made my way to the check-out, and as I reached into my purse I realized that I had left my wallet on the kitchen table after paying the carpet man. So, I was driving without my license, and I had no money to pay for the things in my cart. ..........sigh.......... After a few phone calls to Whitney, it was decided that I would just go have a sandwich at the Subway, and she would bring my wallet, since she needed to do some shopping herself. I didn't want Subway, I wanted Zaxby's. But I settled for the Friday special, and ended up enjoying it enough to try it again some Friday. It was pretty much a miracle that I had cash to even by myself a sandwich. Normally I'm just a debit-card person and don't deal with cash. (Shhh... don't tell Dave Ramsey) I had just returned something (with a receipt, no less!) and had a little cash on hand.

Okay, ya'll... time to get serious about this hand-washing thing. Nasty swine flu is on the scene again. And not only wash/sanitize your hands, but when you cough or sneeze... bury your face in your sleeve... don't sneeze/cough onto your hand. That's a good practice any time, not just during flu season.

The fat-bottomed chair has arrived! It's a rather intimidating piece of furniture, now that it's set up in my room. I am a little bit embarassed by it, actually... and whenever anyone comes into my room, I'm going to be sure to sit down in it... just so they will see that my butt really isn't THAT big. Granted, a might bit larger than I'd like, but certainly not requiring Wide Load Furniture. I'll remind them that it's called a "snuggle chair" for a reason. Whitney sat in it and her comment was... well I guess this is what skinny people feel like when they sit in a regular chair. haha. I think I'll go sit in it for a while. And console myself that there's still lots of empty space in the seat. Happy Saturday!

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