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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I just don't get it. Why in the world would I think that anyone gives a flip about what I am doing, or thinking, at any given moment of the day? The world has gone Twitter crazy. The Fad of The Day. I even balk at getting a Blackberry (though I'm leaning that way more and more each day, especially since I'm eligible for upgrade and can get one for free...) because I sit at a computer all day... many hours... at least five days a week... and when I'm not working, I'd prefer my hands be doing most anything than tweeting, IMing, texting, etc. And what would I say? And who would care? "<-- wants to take a nap" "<-- is doing laundry" "<--is changing dirty diapers" "<--just got back from wal mart" "<--blood sugar was 102 today" "<--just wrote in her blog" "<--is going to the scrapbook store" [well... now that's a good one!] <--went to DJs for coffee this morning" <--found a dollar in the bottom of her purse". Now really... would that be of interest to you??

Whitney does it, and she has many Twitter-Friends (or whatever you call it). Maria Shriver, Sam Champion, the weather guy on GMA, lots of *stars* etc. Some people tweet all day long, and I would imagine if you have lots of tweety friends, you could spend the entire day reading about what everyone is doing. Then you wouldn't have time to be doing anything your ownself, so you'd have nothing to tweet about. I think I'll just remain a Woman Of Mystery, and aside from what I tell you in my blog, you can just only wonder what I might be doing at any given moment of the day. (hint- see above sample tweets and the mystery is pretty much solved.)

Crazy as it sounds, I do find myself reading the tweets of some of my blogger friends, who not only have their tweets on their cell phones and computers, they are posted on their blogs. But these people are posting FUN things. And when they post boring things, I just chuckle and think... "now why would I want to know that?" Yet, I keep reading them when I visit their blogs. Believe me, my life is quite predictable and if you read my blog, you know that there's nothing much to tweet about. And many of my thoughts are best just kept to myself. But to all of you Tweeters out there.... Twitter On! Just don't be so busy tweeting that you miss out on a chance to have something to REALLY tweet about!

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