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Saturday, April 4, 2009

My New Chair (Revisited)

My New Chair is sitting in a warehouse, (or perhaps an assembly line), in an undisclosed location, awating its journey to The 409. Grrrrr! Today is the two-week anniversary of my purchase, and I was promised delivery in seven to ten days. It seems as though countless other people loved the chair too, as the company has backordered it. My next promised delivery date is April 15th. So... I reckon I'll be waiting until then to lean back and relax in that magnificent dream of a recliner. ....sigh....

It has been a fairly long week for yours truly. I caught a nasty bug, and last weekend thought surely I would perish. My neck was swollen and hurt so badly I just knew I had the mumps. (Even though I remember having them as a kid, and how my mother screamed in horror "Your mumps are going to *fall*!!" when she caught me riding my bike. *Fall*?? what is that?) Anyway, it was the painful nodes in my neck that prompted me to visit my doctor, as I probably would have just toughed out the upper respiratory thing and let it run its course. I know just enough medical stuff to make it dangerous, so I decided a quick trip was in order. Land sakes, I do believe the treatment was worse than the illness! I followed doctors' orders, and by Wednesday, I believe it was, I felt so badly that I had to stop work at 4 pm. I went to bed and slept until after 9:00! (Translated- I missed the first few moments of LOST) I woke up long enough to watch the rest of LOST, eat a bite of dinner, then went back to bed and slept the entire night. I guess it was just what I needed, because the "mumps" went away, and I have actually been able to move a bit of air through my nose! At first I blamed it on the $26.00 box of Mucinex D (which I stopped taking after only two tablets), but I think the antibiotic was rough on me too, and I hope I never have to see that stuff again.

It has rained and stormed much of the week, but today is gloriously beautiful outside! The ground is still too wet to do anything outside, and my yard is gearing up for full Jungle Mode. Dustin is to do the yard work this coming week... weather permitting. It's going to be in the 70s today, and then Glen Burns is predicting snow showers for Monday night. Lows in the 20s and 30s this week. Heavenly days!

I was delighted to find little treat boxes at the Dollar Tree yesterday. Some of my favorite people in the world are the little ladies in Mr. Tommy's SS class at church. There are six of them: Miss Frances, Miss Edna, Miss Evelyn, Miss Elizabeth, Miss Lucille and Miss Odanious. Sweetest little ladies ever! I try to send hand-made cards, and have little treats for them from time to time. I had bought my Easter candy for them, but just agonized over the perfect little container. Everywhere I looked, it was either too big, too gawdy, too little, or above my budget. As a last resort, I dashed into the Dollar Tree yesterday, and lo, and behold.... the perfect little box! So now I must fill the little boxes before the Easter Candy Gremlins abscond with all the goodies. We'll have Mary here next weekend for Easter, and I can't wait to show her the dress we got for her. She and Leyland's dresses are almost identical. Mary's, of course, is a little bit more grown-up-looking than Leyland's, but it's the same design. Leyland's is a pale mint green, and Mary's is a pale apricot. They're going to be so cute! Now if they will just behave as sweet as they look, we'll be in business.

Aunt Peg and mom came by yesterday to check out the New Room as well as the Princen Room. It was nice to see her, and I believe she liked the changes at The 409. My cousin Sharon (her daughter) has been so excited about the room, and kept asking her mom if she had seen it yet. I want to host a little family gathering at some point so the kinfolk who might be interested can come and see. It is amazing how these four walls have rocked my world so. Honestly, even though I was sick when I went to the doctor on Monday, my blood pressure had come back to within the normal range. I was on the verge of having to get medication, as it has been creeping upward... and at my last visit I was told "one more time" and I'd have to go on medication. Since then, though, I have changed jobs, and now have my "sanctuary" room. So not only has it done wonders for me mentally, and gives me a thrill each time I walk into it, I truly believe it has helped me physically as well. I feel more organized, more relaxed, more productive (and will enjoy napping even more when The New Chair arrives!!!)

This evening Whit and I are taking the munchkins on a Target Trek. She found a cute little sweater-vest outfit for Corey a while back, but didn't get it. In the meantime she bought the cutest little-baby-boy suit at Sam's, complete with button-up shirt and tie-- but it wouldn't fit around his little neck, so she returned that one with plans to get the outfit at Target. Wrong-- our Target didn't have his size. So this evening we'll be Target-hopping.

Right now the house is quiet and I'm passing the time by trying to decide how I will pass the time. The house is clean, and the laundry is manageable. The kids are gone for several more hours. Take a nap? Go work in my craft room? Surf the internet? Hmmmmm... I think I'll take a nap, and pretend I'm sleeping in My New Chair.

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