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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Recent Findings Confirm Mamma Was Right

Did your Mamma ever tell you that too much junk food will make you sick? Well, it seems that once again, Mamma was right. A recent finding by the GWCON (Grandma and Whitney's Council on Nutrition), confirms this fact. A 2 1/2-year-old female toddler was awakened in the pre-dawn hours Sunday morning by a violent gastric eruption of gargantuan proportions. After much comforting and snuggling with said toddler, the Mommy and Grandma of the tyke carefully reviewed the dietary content from the preceding day. Pop Tarts for breakfast, McDonald's chicken nuggets and apple wedges for lunch, too-numerous-to-count tiny packets of fruit snacks (to pacify the boredom while shopping), and a deliciously nutritious cheese-filled hot dog for dinner. And, while The Committee will refrain from too-graphic a description of the emesis, let it be said that the episode could also be attributed to other unidentifiable food particles also contained in the mixture. Add to that several hours of riding as Mommy and Grandma drove here and yon running errands. Complicating the matter somewhat, Grandma, though busy consoling and comforting the toddler, feared she would have to likewise administer consolation and comfort to the Mommy, who was heaving and gagging herself while cleaning up the offending partially-digested products of consumption. Unfortunately, at 2:00 a.m., there are no intercom systems upon which to announce, "Clean up on aisle 3", or in this case "Clean up in the Princen Room". Daddies are absolutely worthless in the sick room, and besides, an ailing child will usually be consoled only by Mommy, or in some cases, Grandma. As the night (morning) wore on, there were several minor aftershocks, if you will, but none so terrible as the first eruption. Just as Grandma tried to ease back into bed and leave Mommy and the toddler resting on the sofa, Baby Boy decided to wake up and fret for a while. Fortunately there were no gastric episodes with him, but he was a high-maintenance little man for an hour or so. Finally, a few hours of rest was granted to all, and as everyone snoozed contentedly, Grandma was able to sneak back into her bed around 5 a.m., to grab a few hours' of sleep before church and work. Just another confirmation that Mamma Usually Knows What She Is Talking About.

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