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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bolero ~ Torville & Dean Style

Okay, so I guess I'm just in a writing mood tonight. Maybe it's that dream thing going on. As I look over and listen to my playlist, I am constantly remembering music that I failed to add when I created it, so I'm continually adding new stuff. Tonight the music was Ravel's Bolero. I was thinking about the time I first remember hearing the haunting strains of this masterpiece. It was in the winter of 1984, during the Olympics in Sarajevo. A British ice dancing couple had chosen this music for their long program. Now I've always loved ice skating, and DJ, BJ, Lisa, Susan and I loved to talk about our favorite skaters, the funny-sounding moves and elegant costumes. Every Sunday afternoon from late fall onward, we would tune in to Wide World of Sports and watch them compete first on a national, then an international level. And once every four years, we would get to watch them perform at the Olympics! 1984 found me married, living in a neighboring town, in my very own home with my very own television, allowing me to watch all the skating my little heart desired. One evening during the Sarajevo games, I watched Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean take the ice and begin the most eloquent, mesmerizing dance on ice that I have ever seen. I was literally glued to the tv and I don't think I breathed even once until it was over. It brought tears to my eyes. The sportscasters, who always "break the spell" by critiquing skaters during the performance, were apparently spellbound as well, as not a word did they utter until it was over. The only sound during the performance was occasional applause- subdued as though the audience itself was under the spell the skaters cast. Even the judges were captured-and awarded nine perfect 6.0s for artistic impression- a first! and the performance garnered the first standing ovation of the games. The next morning on Good Morning America (or The Today Show- whichever one of those I watched at the time), showed the performance again, in its entirety. And again, I was awestruck at the beauty, the grace, the emotion, the passion that went into the dance. Again, I was moved to tears, and felt a chill down my spine. I went out that very day and purchased a copy of the music and for years have enjoyed listening to the music and recalling the magic. To my delight, I just found the video on YouTube, and after all these years, I am still deeply moved. Did you miss it? Wanna see it? Even if you are not a fan of skating, I think you will enjoy it. And if, like me, you watched it in 1984, perhaps it will take you back to the magic you felt at the time. Take a moment to scroll down and read the comments that are posted. I am amazed that nearly 25 years later, people are still commenting about this moment in Olympic history. Though the video is grainy and not of the quality we are accustomed to these days, people still love it. Take a look-see for yourself. And go out tomorrow and buy yourself a copy of the music (or click on my playlist, go to the bottom, and hear the complete arrangement of Ravel's Bolero). Now, just sit back and be amazed!

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