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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree! (Wherefore Art Thou?)

Twas two weeks before Christmas
And all through the house,
Not a sign of the holidays,
(And thank goodness, no mouse!)

The toys were all strewn
In the middle of the floor,
The shoes were all piled
Beside the back door.

The babies were playing
Unaware as could be
That our tiny living room
Had no Christmas Tree!!

Grandma in jammies, scurrying about
Trying to make some paper cut-outs
To hang on the tree instead of the glass
That could easily break and cause a big mess.

It’s usually up by Thanksgiving night,
But this year our space is especially tight.
And two little hands, so curious and sweet
Would have a hard time not touching the treats.
No temptation have we placed in her way,
But the tree will go up in just a few days.

For Christmas can’t pass without dancing eyes
Watching the lights and feigning surprise.
Posing for pictures in front of the tree,
My little angels, so precious to me.

So though my windows are bare at this minute,
There will soon be a tree at the home of this Bennett.

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