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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just Shoot Me (Revised)

Like most people, I’ve always loved Christmas. You could find me listening to Christmas music in July. I still love Christmas. And I still love Christmas music. However…. The radio station at work does this crazy thing. At noon on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, they flip a switch and play nothing but Christmas music until sometime after Santa returns to the North Pole. Oh yeah. 24/7. TWENty four SEven. Now, with a little imagination, that wouldn’t be so bad. I have enough Christmas music in my own personal music library that I’m sure we could go 24 hours without playing the same one twice. Nice music. Music that I enjoy. Oh, maybe we’d hear We Three Kings two or three times during that period, but one might be in old-fashioned four-part-harmony caroling style, one might be the mournful tones of a saxophone, and one from a full symphonic orchestra. Know what I mean? Not so with this radio station. I believe they have a bank of about 40 songs total, and they play them over and over. Every day. Multiple times a day. Until my ears bleed. There are maybe ten of the songs that I like, but after a few days, I don’t even want to hear those any more. But the ones that really kill me are the lounge lizard styles (Michael Bouble, Harry Connick Jr) and the R&B ones (Whitney Houston, Aaron Neville, Mariah Carey). I do declare… I would rather hear fingernails on a chalkboard than Whitney H. singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. Ewww. (Yes, I’m saying ewww, but she also throws in a lot of “ooooooos” that sound like ewwww.) Honestly, I believe some of these artists try to see how many different notes they can put into one word. People: Read the notes! The word gets ONE NOTE. Sometimes maybe two. You do not have to cover the entire scale for every word you sing! ::okay, I'm getting off my soap box::

I’m truly not a scrooge, and I truly love Christmas. I truly love Christmas music, too, just not this station. Hopefully I’ll survive another Christmas in this office without shooting myself. In the meantime, with Harry Connick crooning "Let It Snow", I’m going to search for some cotton balls to stop the bleeding.
Edited to add: No need to shoot me now. I went and fixed my ownself some Christmas music that I like. I simply added 15 or so Christmas songs to my playlist and moved those to the top of the list. So if, like me, you are already a screaming maniac from all the icky Christmas music on the radio, feel free to click here, and provided you like the same thing I do, you can listen to something besides the radio. Now, if you don't like the same stuff I do, I will not be responsible for any shooting of your ownself. Just click it off and go on to a happier place, or create your own playlist at http://www.playlist.com/. I don't want your ears to bleed on account of me.

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