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Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Few Quick Photos

It was a very busy weekend! I will write a proper post as soon as possible, but for now, I wanted to share a few recent photos of the babies.

In this first set, Miss Leyland is up to her usual crazy antics. Whitney was busy in the kitchen, and looked into the den and saw that Leyland was partially nekkid, sporting a little cap that goes with one of Corey's Christmas outfits. A la naturale, if you will.

Grandma Lynn got Leyland this beautiful Christmas dress, and she looked adorable for church last Sunday. Whitney tried to get some photos of her, but she was more interested in looking at her shoes than the camera.
In these next photos, Leyland demonstrates how to turn an ordinary, everyday American t-shirt into the finest of middle-Eastern ladies' haute couture, using the arm hole to peer from behind her shroud.
Life's a Party when Leyland's around!!!
Of course, there are equally as many precious photos of Mr. Corey! Corbin came over today to play, and they were so cute together!

Here he is playing in his exersaucer, wearing an ugly, much-slobbered-upon bib and a sweet little Santa hat. I could just squeeze him to pieces. Hang on... I'll be right back... he's so cute I just gotta go steal some baby kisses..... Okay, I'm back. Don't you just want to kiss this little guy???

And now the final set of photos for your viewing pleasure: I told Leyland to stand beside Corey so I could take a picture of them, and this was the result. Isn't this sweet!! (Except poor Leyland has a terrible cold and her eyes and nose are all puffy. Still, the most beautiful little angels you ever saw! Right?????)
Thanks for looking at my sweet grandbabies!!

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