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Friday, December 19, 2008

Where's My Smiley Boy??

Only time for a quick post this morning. Just to let you know Corey was admitted to the hospital yesterday. Poor little smiley boy, lost under the folds of a croup tent. Both kiddies saw the doctor on Monday- Corey for his six-month well-baby visit, and Leyland because of a nasty cold. Corey was doing just fine, but Leyland was given the dx of acute sinusitis and probable RSV. She had that as a baby and was admitted, but admission is usually not required at this age, thank goodness! Corey was running a fever on Tuesday and had to return to the doctor, at which time Dr. Edwards cautioned Whit to watch him carefully- since Leyland had it and it is highly contagious, it was probable that he’d get it too. It can come on very quickly, and is dangerous for infants. Sure enough, yesterday morning he was coughing a lot, so Whit called the office. They could hear him coughing in the background and told her to bring him right on. Fortunately, Dustin is off this week, and has been a lifesaver helping out with the babies. He and Leyland took Whitney and Corey back to the doctor, and then dropped them off at the hospital. Corey has spent the last almost-24 hours underneath the croup tent in a big old hospital bed. Whitney is sick too, so she has been under the tent with him some of the time. Dustin is home with Leyland again today after staying at the hospital with Whit and Corey last night. In the meantime, I’m trying to keep the home fires burning by working and keeping Leyland at night. Oh yea, it’s a party for sure! I’m also trying to tie up loose ends here at the office, since I basically only have all day today, Monday and Tuesday to get all my affairs in order. Wednesday is my last day, but we’ll be partying part of the day, and I have office errands to run, so I won’t get much done. At any rate, I suppose I’ll have to re-write my poem, because it looks like there will be no tree at all in our house this year. Whitney wants Santa to come to GiGi’s anyway, (that’s where he is storing all the gifts- no room at the inn for them at 409 Sunset) so I guess we’ll just enjoy her tree. The most important thing, though, is for all my babies to get well. Poor little smiley boy was all weak-eyed and pale this morning when I stopped by. Whitney can’t hear, taste, smell or breathe through her nose, Dustin’s nose is stopping up and Leyland is still drowning in her own secretions. So a Christmas tree isn’t very high on my list of priorities right now. I just want everyone to get over this nasty stuff. Seems like I remember when Whitney was little that at Christmas time, someone was sick- either Whitney, Ashley, Abby or Ryan. Kinda like some sort of law or something- one of the babies was sick at the holidays. Anyway, I’m thankful for doctors, hospitals, and respiratory therapists. And Zoloft. Happy Friday, everyone! Please remember my babies in your prayers!!

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